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== You dream it, we can make it happen!!! ==

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Custom made one of a kind neon clocks & signs with your business logo,

image or photograph (don't have a logo?  We'll make you one)

Give your best customers one of your logo clocks

and receive daily advertising with them and their customers

"A tax deductible business expense, by the way. . . $ $ $ "

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  Commemorative neon clocks -- Birthday christmas gift neon clocks -- Beer neon clocks -- Celebrity neon clocks -- Service award neon clocks -- Vintage neon clocks -- Lodge neon clocks -- Boardwalk neon clocks -- Frozen custard neon clocks -- Radio announcer neon clocks -- Wine store neon clocks -- Liquor store neon clocks

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    Novelty neon clocks -- Drive in neon clocks -- Advertising neon clocks -- Motorcycle neon clocks -- Plumbing neon clocks -- Gas station neon clocks -- Corporate branding neon clocks -- Dorm room neon clocks -- Towing neon clocks -- Blank neon clocks -- Antique car neon clock - Salukis neon clock -- Home neon bar clocks

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 Radio station neon clocks -- Farm neon clocks -- Public relations neon clocks -- Grocery store neon clocks -- Christmas neon clocks -- DIY custom decals bumper stickers -- PR neon clocks -- Banners -- Gun shop clocks -- Hockey team clocks -- Golf neon clocks -- Honda neon clocks -- Toyota neon clocks

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Manufacturing neon clocks -- Hunting lodge neon clocks -- Breast cancer awareness benefit clock -- Pub neon clock -- Tiki bar neon clock -- Victory neon clock -- Powerstroke neon clock -- Distillery neon clock -- Redneck neon clock -- Freightliner truck neon clocks -- 7Eleven neon clocks -- Trucking transport company neon clocks

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medical neon clocks -- pool neon clocks -- billiards neon clocks -- bad ass neon clocks -- oilfield neon clocks -- vincent neon clocks -- magazine neon clocks --

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**  NOTE:  Copyrighted logos are for illustration purposes only and are not for sale**

We'll be happy to help make your logo famous too!


Customer Links:

 www.charlieparkersdiner.net  www.fourseasonstruckcenter.com  www.redgold.com         

== You dream it, we can make it happen!!! ==



 Norm, "the neon clock guy"  Over 600 clocks sold last year



"Our customers say our service is outstanding, but that is our standard.

We conduct business the way we expect from other businesses."

 We accept         

Join and make business connections




Texas Bucket List Clocks Not For Sale




We create neon clocks & small signs, including artwork, that are printed on premium high gloss photographic paper & vinyl with an Epson six color high definition photo printer and high definition UV fade resistant color ink.  Our 3D enhancements look 3D.  Don't have a logo?  We can create one for you.  These are imported clocks, hand disassembled and reassembled with appropriate parts and your custom created clock face.  This is not a "Joe Sixpack" clock.  Your logo clock is considered proprietary.  It and its artwork are not available to anyone else without your written permission.  We offer quantity discounts for copies of prototypes and dropshipment for commercial customers.   I can also do emergency clocks for forgotten birthdays or "Last Minute Louies" with next day UPS shipping (very, very expensive, BTW!).  We do business the Old Fashioned way!  WE EARN IT!


== You dream it, we can can make it happen!!! ==




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NEON CLOCKS CATALOG:  Indoor or covered porch use only (clocks are not weathertight)

CLOCKS FOR EVERY BUDGET:  see illustrations and colors below

14" Atomic Clocks - NO Neon $60 + shipping

1099 - 15" Double Neon Chrome Plastic Frame - $120.00 + shipping - Carbon Fiber Case $130 + shipping

1500 - 16" Single Neon Chrome Plastic Frame - $130.00 + shipping

1700 - 17" Single Neon Chrome Plastic Frame - $150.00 + shipping - Carbon Fiber Case $160 + shipping

1900 - 19" Double Neon Chrome Plastic Frame - $190.00 + shipping - Carbon Fiber Case $200 + shipping

1899 - 19" Double Neon Chrome Steel Frame - $240.00 + shipping

All clocks come with a Duracell battery.


Carbon Fiber 1099


    HUGE 19 inch Logo Commercial size Double Neon with 5" deep chrome plastic bezel & pullchain switch for neon $190.00 complete including artwork - Plus Shipping (approx. $15-$20)

Now available with optional Chrome Plated Steel metal case $240 + shipping (approx. $15-$20)

(Trademarks are for illustration purposes only - I have many trademark tin signs available)  This clock has the "WOW FACTOR" when you see how big it is with your logo on it.

 Outer Accent Neon Colors: red, pink, blue, green, clear orange, yellow, purple or white (white neon inside)

(Custom tinted inner neon tubes available on special order - $20 extra)  We have factory blue or green inner neon tubes





Choice of numbered face or numbers inside glass for larger logo

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      Off Mode       

  3 MODES                   NEON OFF                                                                  NEON ON                                                            NEON FLASH MODE

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  Double Neon 15" New Price $120 plus shipping (approx. $15-$20)

3Way pullchain selectively switches tubes on and off plus NEW flash mode available on request on all colors

Available in red, blue, green, orange, bright yellow, purple, pink & white



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NEW 17 inch Single Neon Logo Clock with chrome bezel, and switch for neon - $150.00 complete including artwork + Shipping (approx. $15-$20)  Face large enough for trademark metal signs (I have many signs available)

 Choice of numbered face or numbered glass for larger logo 

Colors:  red, green, yellow, white, purple, blue, clear tube orange, frosted orange


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16 inch Single Neon Logo Clock with massive 4" deep chrome plastic bezel, sweep second hand and pullchain switch for neon - $130.00 complete including artwork + Shipping (approx. $15-$20)  (Trademarks are for illustration purposes only - I have many trademark tin signs for those faces shown and others are available)

 Choice of numbered face or numbered glass for larger logo 

  Neon colors: red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, pink or white




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14 inch Atomic Clock unlit with your Logo Face  black bezel - PRICE $60.00 complete + Shipping (approx. $15-$20)  Quantity discount not available because of low profit margin




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Painted bezel $20 extra


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                   No upfront money
       You pay nothing until your clock is ready to ship!

 Email me norm@normsneon.com with your logo (should be high resolution 150 pixels or more per inch if possible, .ai, .pdf, .eps or .png) and let me know what you would like; clock size, neon color and attach your logo or graphic.  If you have a business sign, car, etc. send a digital photograph.  I am located in Springfield, IL.  If you have questions that are not answered here, you may call me at 217-280-2231.  I have voicemail, and you can leave a message should I not be available.  Messages can also be left on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/normsneon/


I will create a computer simulation of what your clock will look like and email it for your approval. 


Once your approval is received, I will build the clock and send you a digital photograph of the finished item.  After I have your final approval, a PayPal invoice will be sent by email for a secure online payment.



  When the payment is in my PayPal account, your clock will shipped FedEx Ground with a tracking number emailed to you.


(available to US customers ONLY - Special Shipping Rates and procedures for Alaska, HI & Canada)



All Flash animation, photographs, graphics and website created by Norm's Custom Neon Clocks          

(rev 02/07/2019)   Created by Normholio "the neon clock whore" hisself    Not copyrighted so steal anything you want